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Rolan the Forgotten King Chapter 05

05/28/2011 23:07
Well, I'm going to be blunt about this. We hade some difficulties releasing this chapter. Staff disappearing, computers frying, the usual. But thanks to some extra effort by the staff, we are finally able to bring you chapter 05 of Rolan the Forgotten King. Please head over to our forum to download...

Ayahatori Shoukanjo Special!

04/06/2011 22:13
Hopefully with this release, things will start speeding up around here. Things have been running pretty slowly because of the merger but everything's finally getting settled. Visit our forum for download links. Hope you enjoy. And as always, if you like our releases, then let us know XD

Maru Maru Se Yo! Sengoku Gakuen Seitokai

03/28/2011 19:55
  Well, its taken us a little while but FS is officially up and running. Thatnks to this, we have a new project release for you. This marks the first release since TBA and TC's merger. Maru Maru Se Yo! Sengoku Gakuen Seitokai chapter 01 is avaiable for download in our fourm. Be sure to check...

The Black Abyss amd Twisted Curiosity Have Merged!

03/26/2011 20:43
Thats right. The Black Abyss and Twisted Curiosity have merged together to forum Fallen Syndicate. We still plan to bring you the projects you have come to love from both groups so we hope you'll stick around for whats to come

Website launched

03/26/2011 20:42
Our new website has been launched today. This is the homepage for the scanlation group Fallen Syndicate


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